Looking to hire a mariachi band for your event? Mariachi Los Palmeros have played thousands of events with the best musicians in their area. If you have a question about Mariachi Los Palmeros and mariachi bands in general, we have the answer! Below, you’ll find all sorts of tips to help you determine the mariachi band for hire.

How much do mariachi bands cost?

The average cost for a professional mariachi band typically ranges between $350-$650 an hour depending on your location, the number of band members, and their overall experience. Most mariachis can tailor the size of their band and instruments to any event, so be sure to ask about different pricing options. Mariachi Los Palmeros prices a very competitive but the quality of the music and band in not comparable.

How much do I tip a mariachi band?

Tipping musicians is a customary option, and it’s very much appreciated by our musicians. As this is gratuity, the amount you tip a mariachi band is up to you to decide. However, the standard tipping etiquette is 10%-15% or $25-$50 per band member. This is generally based on their performance and their ability to accomodate to your needs. It’s also important to consider the heavy equipment they require to perform at your event.

Mariachi band near me

When do mariachi bands play?

Mariachi bands near me are the perfect accompaniment for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, funerals, quinces, festivals, corporate events and so much more!

What is mariachi music?

Mariachi music represents the rich history and culture of Mexico with the festive sounds of brass and stringed instruments. It is commonly performed by a group of three or more musicians wearing traditional charro outfits, intricate ensembles called charro suits.

What do mariachi bands sing about?

Just like other musical genres, mariachi songs cover all kinds of topics that touch the heart. From love and sorrow to honor and victory, mariachi bands use poetic lyrics to tell age-old stories of Mexico’s people and history.

What instruments do mariachi bands play?

Mariachi music customarily includes the guitarron, vihuela, acoustic guitar, violin, and trumpet to create its authentic sound. Some additional instruments like the accordion or flute may be added for specific arrangements.

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