Conditional statement of the day: If you think mariachi is corny music best heard (but not listened to) over a big cheesy plate of tacos, then . . . you ought to take a flying leap.

At least that’s how Mariachi Los Palmeros sees it, and intends for the rest of the world to see it, eventually.

To the band members of Mariachi Los Palmeros, mariachi is as regal as a diamond tiara, sophisticated as classical European etudes and worthy of the same reverence.

In this spirit, Mariachi Los Palmeros participated in Mariachi Festival the city of Coachella has been offering. The great event, topped by many performances, has become an institution, filling the park on a Saturday night every year, and nearly selling out the following afternoon.

This year, Mariachi Los Palmeros showcased the local talent the desert offers. Most mariachis that performed are Juvenil groups learning from the members of Los Palmeros. The venue is a beautiful display of what the city of Coachella has and the spot prides itself on being classy–later this year, they will have more performers there. In other words, it’s exactly the kind of venue the city of Coachella wants for there mariachi extravaganza.

“It’s an awesome place,” Los Palmeros says. “It says clearly Latinos are not only in the L.A. demographic, we’re everywhere. And beyond Latinos, all sorts of people love this music. . . . A lot of wealthy people [are] going to Palm Springs for the whole weekend.”

Mariachi Los Palmeros set was received with a standing ovation. They prepared a repertoire for all types. They played all the famous songs for all the people and displayed the music capability with a popurri showcasing they are not a one dimension mariachi band.

“There show is just spectacular,” Jackaway says. “My sombrero goes off to Mariachi Los Palmeros for recognizing the appeal of this music could be broad-based, if presented the right way.”

Mariachi Los Palmeros will be back for 2020. Don’t miss out and come say hello!

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